Quail Hunting

    Over the past few years, we have teamed up with our local biologist and dedicated our land management practices to promote a habitat rich environment for quail and other upland game birds. All of our land has been family owned for several decades. Several years ago we had a vision to turn our working cattle farms into some of the best quail habitat and hunting property in West Tennessee. With lush native grasses, we have provided the quail places to nest and escape predators. The properties also contain large areas of lespedeza, forage soybeans, and sorghums to provide food for the quail. Through all these things, the wild coveys have flourished, thus achieving our goal.
    The quail preserve consists of 642 acres which can be hunted from September to March. Although we do release quail in the preserve, we also have a large population of wild quail which are often found in coveys numbering up to twenty birds. For hunters that want the exciting encounter of wild coveys, we have over 2000 acres in addition to the preserve that can be hunted during the regular Tennessee quail season.
    At High Cotton Hunting, we provide a guide with every hunt so that our guests can have the best experience possible. We also provide bird dogs, however, hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs if they prefer.

Deer Hunting

    For deer hunters who are chasing that buck of a lifetime, we have over 4200 acres of property that has been strictly managed since 2002. We have dedicated large food plot areas of corn, beans, and a wide variety of fall food plots for the deer. Whether you enjoy hunting out of a box stand watching a five acre corn field, bow hunting a loc-on over a late season bean field, or hunting a fixed ladder stand in the oak flat, we have the perfect spot for you. Over the last several years, we have taken several bucks in the 140”- 165” range. With the use of trail cameras, we intensely monitor our deer population and have high expectations for the upcoming season. All deer hunts are semi-guided. Each hunt, High Cotton Staff will take you and pick you up from the stand.

Turkey Hunting

    Following our strict management practices, we limit the number of turkey hunts booked each spring. However, the turkey hunting at High Cotton Hunting is definitely something to experience. As you know, there is something magical about hearing a turkey gobbling on the roost as the sunrises on a beautiful spring morning. We offer fully guided hunts so that the hunter will have the best hunt possible.